Tips on how to care for your stone & Tile

Most important is to keep your stone and grout cleaned & sealed. Dust mop your floors frequently, place clean door mats outside, rugs inside at every entry door and clean up spills quickly. Clean your natural stone floors, counters walls and showers with a natural stone safe cleaning product. Harsh cleaners, such as 409, vinegar, products containing ammonia, tilex, bleach and Windex will etch and dull your stone ultimately requiring professional re-surfacing. Cleaning with bleach will remove your sealer (not recommended).

Granite – clean daily with a natural stone daily cleaner and Polish every 2 to 3 weeks. (Granite Gold Polish works great)

Marble/ Travertine/ Limestone and other Natural Stone Floors, Dust mop with a clean large wood floor mop, a little daily cleaner sprayed on the mop will help pick up the dirt and dust with no rinse required. When you walk on dusty floors with shoes on, it creates a sanding action, scratches floors and develops traffic patterns.

Never use Windex on natural stone, even the mist of liquid glass cleaners will eventually dull the finish of natural stone. Clean windows with a foam window cleaner, it sticks to the glass with minimal mist drifting on to your stone. (SPRAYWAY)

Saltillo, Slate, and Quartz, seal with a topical sealer (high & low gloss sealer). Follow the same cleaning instructions as the other natural stone cleaning instructions.

It is all ways best not to wear shoes on natural stone of all kinds (including Saltillo). If the floors get scuff marks from shoes, put a small amount of acetone on a cloth and rub off the scuff, you will remove the top layer of sealer in the process. Now, reseal the entire tile. It will have a higher gloss for a week or so, however the shine will dull a little and blend in nicely, the same applies to slate and quartz.

Recommend Products: 

  • Sprayway foam spray - for mirrors and glass, (@HOME depot, Smart & Final, & Lowes). 
  • Simple green - for cleaning dirty floors, showers and COUNTERS; mix 2 oz’s in a pail of water, mop and dry. Place a large towel on the floor, place your wood floor mop on the towel and dry the floor, clean & dry small area’s at a time (10’ x 10’) use weekly or bi-monthly. 
  • Modern ph balance - Great daily cleaner and natural stone cleaners, for all tile and stone. 

If you have mold growing in your showers, tub area or sinks call a professional, using bleach or mold spray is a short term fix, it will kill the mold; but it will kill the sealer as well.

  • Granite gold polish - (@ Dixieline lumber, smart & final, Ralphs, Ace Hardware and Albertsons) use it every 2 or 3 weeks after using daily cleaner Use on walls and counters (never on floors). Lightly apply with paper towels, let dry 30 min. Polish with micro cloth. A little goes a long way, do not over use.

What is your house keeping using on your stone and tile???  The wrong product on your stone can cause hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in damage. I have seen it! 

I hope this information is useful in the care of natural stone and tile. If you have any questions, or have a problem don’t hesitate to call. Remember estimates and inspections are free.

Good Stuff:
Simple green
Sprayway glass cleaner
Granite Gold daily cleaner
Granite gold polish
Natural stone cleaner
Modern daily cleaner 

Bad Stuff:
Acidic cleaners